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Artificial Intelligence and Business Intelligence Analytics win the first ever Radix Hackathon


Radix hosted its first Hackathon this month! 42 hours of intense programming marathon came to an end with two winners.

The competition was split into two categories: energy generation and energy distribution. The projects aimed to solve data transfer and reliability issues for the two largest energy companies in Brazil (CPFL Energia and Engie Brasil). The companies were CPFL Energia that distributes electricity to more than 9.6 million customers in Brazil and Engie Brasil, the largest private power producer with more than 56 power plants in the country.

CPFL Energia proposed the challenge to automate their internal services. The winning team offered a solution to facilitate CPFL Energia’s internal process using Artificial Intelligence. The solution aims to guide users using imaging recognition. “Our team’s integration was our biggest asset. Each team member contributed to the team bringing their own ideas and expertise to come up with the ideal solution for the company. I believe this is the reason we won,” said Rafael Batista Marcilio from the winning team, Marvin Team.

The challenge proposed by Engie Brasil was to increase agility and reliability of the information transmitted between operations and power plants. To do this, the winning team proposed a tool using Business Intelligence Analytics, decreasing cognitive load of communication and providing auditing and management over sending data.

The first-place award for this challenged was given to Mercúrio. Its team member, Camila Barbosa Gomes de Araújo said, " We changed projects on Friday night, and it worked out well. We set goals in order to have something concrete to present during the first check point by Saturday."

The competition began at 7pm on Friday, July 5th, and concluded at 1pm on Sunday, July 7th, when the winners were announced. In all, 36 university students and professionals from the industry joined six Radix employees during the hackathon.

Participants were divided into six teams and had a Radix employee as a mentor to promote continuous and consistent project development.

The winners from each challenge (power generation and power distribution) earned prizes of R$ 5,000 to be split among each member. The two teams in second place earned R$ 2,000.00 each.

As in any hackathon, participants do not sleep very long so Radix prepared leisurely time with ping pong tables and stretching areas.

The Mercúrio group, first place of the challenge of power generation, was formed by André Araújo, Camila Barbosa, Elizabeth Carvalho, Frank Carrasco, Giovanna Anacleto. The Marvin group, the first place from the power distribution, was formed by Barbara Sousa, Gabriel Costa, Gabriel Freire, Leonardo Vianna and Rafael Marcilio.