Major Oil & Gas Company Awards Radix a Contract

Radix will orchestrate the interaction between Seeq and OSIsoft to automate the monitoring of client’s data

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Radix has opened a new chapter in its strategic partnership with major Oil & Gas company by implementing a solution that automates client’s data quality workflows.  The project includes the implementation of a solution that will help data analysts and engineers to monitor data more efficiently through data quality checks. The quality reports are customized to attend the company’s needs accordingly. 

The solution brought by Radix will coordinate the interaction between Seeq and OSIsoft PI system, which will proactively help improve detecting data quality problems. The faster insights add value to all applications leading to a positive impact on business margins.  

Radix, Seeq, and OSIsoft share several clients in common and have partnered and worked together to deliver high-quality analytics solutions and insights to their clients, and to turn digital strategies into positive results. The project has started earlier this month and counts with a team of experts in graphical design, engineering, and project management.  Travis Comer, Radix Applications Engineer, comments on the project deliverables, assumptions, and expectations: “Even though we have a short deadline, we have a great team working to make sure we can get the most of Seeq’s off the shelf capabilities while providing the user a great experience by automating the analyses.”

The project, which is currently a pilot version serving an out of the country production unit, will eventually comprehend several other production units worldwide.