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Radix develops an engineering project to produce natural gas for a Brazilian thermoelectric

Azulao  1334097191 Campo de Azulao - Brazil

The entire Engineering project of Campo de Azulao,  located in the Amazon, has been developed by Radix. Campo de Azulao is the first to produce natural gas in the Amazon Basin and part of ENEVA, the largest private natural gas operator in Brazil, with a daily production capacity of 8,4 million m³ and more than 40 thousand km² of the area under concession in the Parnaíba Basin, north of Brazil.  This field will be responsible for providing natural gas for the Thermoelectric that is been built in Roraima (North of Brazil). Besides that, the energy generated in thermal will supply the state of Roraima, the only state isolated from the Brazilian's electrical system, dependent on the purchase of energy from Venezuela.

Radix developed the projects of process simulation, specification, and calculation of equipment and pipeline. Also, electrical system sizing, earthmoving, civil engineering, architecture, HVAC, instrumentation, automation, and telecom.

Our main challenge was to manage all interfaces in a short time, including the gas liquefaction package, which is still new in Brazil. There is only one liquefaction plant working in Brazil - explains Augusto Castro, Radix's Oil and Gas project manager.

We have a strong and long-standing relationship with our client, since the beginning of Eneva's operations in Maranhão, where the company also operates and produces natural gas for power generation. Furthermore, we were responsible for several CAPEX and OPEX projects. This experience was the differential for us to develop the engineering project for Campo de Azulão, regarding we already know deeply the client's business also the way they work, simplifying to solve the challenges with the agility needed - Castro adds.

Radix is working on the Project of Campo de Azulão, since its conception, and will continue with the activities until the beginning of the operation.




Alice Furtado, Radix' engineer at Campo de Azulao

Alice Fortuna, Radix Engineer at Campo de Azulao