Radix is preparing to discuss about Driving Digital Transformation in Industry and Cities at ARC Industry Forum

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The Annual ARC Industry Forum 2020 will take place between February 3th - 6th in Orlando, Florida to discuss about Driving Digital Transformation in Industry and Cities, the theme for this year.

Disruptive new technologies and methodologies have already gained a foothold in most organizations,  also, OT, IT, and ET teams are growing their skills and capabilities and transforming real-time operations.  Executives charged with driving transformation are seizing this moment to innovate and deliver real value. By using data, digital technologies, and machine learning, organizations can ask questions about their interactions with customers, then map those learnings back to how assets are deployed and managed in operations. Everything is becoming more connected and intelligent. There are countless ways to conduct your digital transformation journey, many technologies and suppliers to evaluate, and endless choices to make along the way.

Realizing these innovations requires an understanding of how to use them to achieve incremental business benefit, Radix will participate, together others CEO, presidents, vice-presidents and directors from the biggest technology companies worldwide to discuss more about how digitizing factories, cities, and infrastructure will benefit technology end users and suppliers alike.

In addition to sponsoring the conference, Radix will host a booth to welcome client and partners and participate in the Annual Conference addressing topics with partners, sharing experiences and cases to discussion.


Leo Victor and Justin Conroy at ARC  2019 ConferenceLeo Victor and Justin Conroy at ARC Conference 2019