New York University selects Radix to support the development of a data security project

Radix is working with NYU to develop a platform to ensure security of confidential information used by different US agencies.

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Radix has been selected to assist the Coleridge Initiative at New York University (NYU) to develop one of their programs: The NYU Administrative Data Research Facility (ADRF). The largest private university in the United States, NYU is also one of the United States’ top research universities.

The Coleridge Initiative at NYU has established the ADRF in order to institutionalize and secures data access and use for government agencies at the federal, state and local levels. It is a secure cloud-based environment, which has received FedRAMP moderate certification and been provided Authorization to Operate by the US Census Bureau and the US Department of Agriculture It was recently awarded a Government Innovation Award.

The system allows agencies around the country to share data on the cloud to determine actions and needs. Last year, ADRF provided services to more than 200 government agencies’ staff and faculty. It hosts almost 50 confidential data bases from 12 different agencies from all levels of government.

“Our goal is to redesign the ADRF architecture focused on 3 priorities: security, usability, and scalability. I believe the partnership and interaction between NYU and Radix was the key to success for this first project with the university,” said Luiz Penedo, Project Manager at Radix. 

The first phase of the project was successfully completed by Radix and is now moving onto the next phases. The Radix team composed for this program was Fausto Junqueira, Joao Ferreira, and Willow Chung, who worked with Docker, Kubernetes, Jupyter, and AWS technologies.