Radix’s Engineer discusses Career Development at the University of Houston

Career planning and decision-making is an important step in the student’s lives.

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Career development increases employee motivation and productivity and enhances job performance. It is significant because it can increase success and happiness from the hours that you invest while at work.

This was the main topic addressed by Justin Conroy, Program Manager today at the Cullen College of Engineering Career Development Program at the University of Houston.

Justin introduced himself and talked about his history, from when he was an engineering student at the University of Houston to a Radix Program Manager. “Radix Engineering and Software has a great work environment and is always looking for the type of person who likes to learn new things”, said Conroy. Also, Conroy brought points of interest and tips to share with the students, encouraging them finding ways to add value to the company that they are at.

“When you get a job, it is important to keep in mind that those first 3 months you will not be 100% productive. To be trained and be comfortable with the company may take time”, remembered Justin. Moreover, he emphasized that showing enthusiasm in learning helps yourself to make your own luck and showcase your career.

Besides that, Conroy presented how to set career goals “When writing a career development plan make sure you know where you want to be and prepare yourself for the future; it is like a roadmap for your life”. He recommended some approaches, such as SMART Goals, to help you define your goals and emphasized the need to review your goals frequently.

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