Career Connectivity

Radix US helps students jump start their career with a hands-on, valuable and practical experience

B and a uh career fair Bjorn Johnson and Ana Mastrangelo at the Spring 2019 Engineering Career Fair at the University of Houston

Last week, the Radix US Recruiting Team was back in action at the Cullen College of Engineering Spring 2019 Career Fair at the University of Houston. The recruiters spoke with a wide variety of interested students throughout the day. This was a great opportunity to discuss some of the current opportunities available at Radix and promote the company while gathering resumes of talented candidates.

Through career fairs, the talent acquisition team has a chance to engage with students, learn about their personalities and what they are looking for in their future careers, and most importantly, develop a relationship with them. "Career fairs have been particularly important to the company because we have the opportunity to meet with hundreds of students eager to gain more experience in their filed and learn more about Radix's culture and services. We always enjoy speaking with the students and answering questions they may have - whether it's about the company or the industry," emphasizes Ana Mastrangelo.

Radix met over 200 students from Texas A&M and University of Houston during this career fair season. Initially, there were 2 internships available for the summer. However, due to the rapid growth the company has been experiencing and with so many skilled candidates that applied, more internship and trainee positions have been opened. Radix US is excited to help students jump start their career with a hands-on, valuable and practical experience.

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