Radix Highlights 2018: Featured Achievements and Events

2018 was a year of major steps, initiatives, strategies, awards, achievements, recognition, and valuable collaboration with our clients and partners. The numbers and positive feedback across every area of the business says it all.

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Every year brings both changes and challenges and Radix could not be more excited to experience it all. There is one constant that will always remain the same though: putting our clients’ needs first, day after day, in every decision.

2018 was a year of major steps, initiatives, strategies, awards, achievements, recognition, and valuable collaboration with our clients and partners. The numbers and positive feedback across every area of the business says it all. All this growth and acknowledgement come from the commitment Radix has with its customers and employees, the first-rate work we delivery, and most importantly, the passion for what we do and for mastering new skills and cutting-edge technology to continuously enhance our products and services.

Throughout the year, Radix has established a stronger and closer connection with its current clients through new contracts and partnerships in the United States, Brazil, and a few other countries. According to Flávio Guimarães, Radix U.S CEO, has doubled the number of employees in the United States offices. According to Chachá, Radix CEO, Radix U.S currently accounts for 20% of the total business and profits, and 2019 looks very promising as the company began work with some exciting new clients across a wide range of industries, which will roll out to this new year.

In addition, our team of experts participated in a variety of conferences, seminars, workshops, and symposiums all over the world. Because of our strong presence in these events, some great opportunities have been revealed for Radix in terms of meeting new prospective contacts, exploring new business interests, getting insights into the upcoming trends in the industry, and sharing the expertise and experience the company has gained in its 8 years of successful operation.

Reflecting on the above is a real celebration of Radix’s growth driven by its dedicated employees and its clients’ successes. Here is a recap of some of the key events Radix was part of over the past year to set our clients and partners up for accomplishments in the years to come:

Geographical Coverage: In response to growing business and increasing demand for state-of-the-art engineering and software solutions, Radix has established in 2018 a branch office in Atlanta, GA. In addition to its offices in Houston, TX and Atlanta, GA, Radix has 4 other offices across Brazil in Rio de Janeiro, RJ, São Paulo, SP, Belo Horizonte, MG and Volta Redonda, RJ.

Employee Development: Because trained professionals bring us better results, high-quality projects, and higher work satisfaction, Radix is investing more than ever on its employees. Radix launched in March the 1st edition of a program called “Challenging Generation”, which consists of a training program focused on contributing to the education of students of computer science, computer engineering, and similar academic fields. The program features a modern and dynamic approach centering around the practical application of the technical and behavioral competencies needed to succeed in today’s workforce. Due to great success, a 2nd edition was launched in October. The company has also begun training programs on communication and leadership for managers and coordinators.

Competitions: Radix understands how challenges, competitions, and integration with other professionals in the industry are important to motivate employees and support knowledge sharing. Here are some of the most important events Radix participated in 2018:

“Hacktudo” – Radix placed 1st and 2nd in hackathon that totaled 36 hours, and had over 300 programmers divided in 40 teams. 20 projects were selected for the final and 6 Radix teams were among them.

“Battle of Data” – Radix made it to the hackathon finals that totaled 30 hours and had over 1,750 participants nationwide.

“NASA Space Apps Challenges” – Finalist in the hackathon hosted by NASA. Over 250,000 people from around the world participated in the event.

“ABM Automation & IT 2018 Award” – “Automation of Diagnosis for Predictive Maintenance Based on Analysis of Equipment Fluids Through Machine Learning” was presented at the 21st Automation and IT seminar fostered by the Brazilian Association of Metallurgy, Materials and Minerals and guaranteed Radix one more award for the books.

Industry Recognition:

“Best Companies to Work for in Rio de Janeiro” – Radix placed 4th on the rank. Since the company’s foundation, it has always been in the top 10 best companies to work for according to the Great Place to Work Institute (GPTW)

“Best Companies to Work for in Brazil” – Radix placed 10th on the ranking of the Top 150 firms in the country according to GPTW.

CMMI Dev Level 5 – Radix has been appraised at Capability Maturity Model Integration Dev Level 5. The evaluation is developed at the Carnegie Mellon Software Engineering Institute and is administered by the CMMI Institute, which is a worldwide well-known for its highly rated programs and prestigious models of process planning and assessment.

CTFC Foundation Level Testing Certification – 6 Radix experts signed up and passed the worldwide recognized CTFL exam administered and issued by the International Software Testing Qualifications Board (ISTQB)

“Top of Mind Compliance 2018 Award” – Radix is one of the 3 finalists for the 2nd consecutive year for the Top of Mind LEC Compliance 2018 Award at the International Compliance Congress, the largest and most important compliance event in Latin America.

Events: Throughout the year Radix had the opportunity to participate in several events to foster professional integration between different sectors, knowledge sharing, and networking. Some of the events were:  

OSIsoft PI World – Radix, a Platinum sponsor, hosted a booth and presented three successful cases with the PI System.

Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) – For the 8th consecutive year, Radix participated and hosted a booth in the largest Oil & Gas Conference worldwide.

ARC Industry Forum – Radix, a Silver sponsor, hosted a booth at the conference and showcased the company’s vision for the Industry 4.0.

E-fest South America – Radix presented at the festival that was organized by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), and largest mechanical engineering association in the world with over 140 thousand members from more than 150 countries.

“Law, Ethics and Anti-Corruption: Where are we and where are we going?” Conference – Radix Comptroller and Compliance Manager spoke at the event that celebrated the Brazilian Institute of Law and Business Ethics (IBDEE) 3rd anniversary.

Rio Oil & Gas 2018 – Radix presented for the 4th time in the largest Oil & Gas Conference in Latin America organized every two years by the Brazilian Petroleum, Gas and Biofuels Institute (IBP).

13th Bahia ABRH Congress – Radix Compliance Manager presented at the event promoted by the Brazilian Human Resources Association.

3rd Technology and Innovation Conference - Radix Program Manager and Radix US President were invited by the Russia Chamber of Commerce Conference to present on “Big Data.

Cheers to a new year, new goals, new business opportunities. Get ready for more exciting news! Stay tuned as both we and our clients grow together.