Radix Appraised CMMI Dev Level 5

The CMMI for Development is one of the most prestigious process level improvement training and appraisal programs worldwide

Cmmi 2018 Team that conducted the evaluation

Radix has been appraised at CMMI (Capability Maturity Model Integration) Dev Level 5. In 2012, Radix had its first CMMI evaluation and conquered level 3. In 2015, for the first time Radix achieved level 5 - the highest maturity level.

CMMI was developed at the Carnegie Mellon Software Engineering Institute (SEI) USA and is administered by the CMMI Institute. CMMI is worldwide well-known for its highly rated programs and prestigious models of process planning and assessment.  The program is a set of best practices that addresses performance improvement, key capabilities, and critical business processes. The model has a total of five maturity levels: initial, managed, defined, quantitatively managed and optimizing.

Radix Director Paulo Armando says, “Many of our existing and future customers require us to achieve the CMMI appraisal. The combination of this accomplishment and Radix’s core ethos, ongoing commitment to provide high-quality and dependable products, makes Radix more competitive in the marketplace.”

For software engineering projects, Radix utilizes a standardized process based on the CMMI model’s practices. For this audit, four different projects were selected. One of the projects’ highlights was the creation and implementation of Marvin - a virtual robot. Marvin aids with statistical analysis of the productivity and quality of projects, which in the past was performed 100% manually.

Radix project manager, Caroline River, explains, “Maintaining the highest level in the CMMI model is not an easy task, but it assures to our customers that Radix is committed to always put quality at the uppermost priority to ensure they are receiving the best services. We are delighted with our results so far.”

The audit was conducted by a CMMI Institute Lead Auditor - Viviana Rubinstein, an external audit and consulting firm – ProMove, and three Radix controllers.