Radix Engineers shine and win Automation and IT Award

Abm award

Radix won the ABM Automation and IT 2018 Award in view of a project named “Automation of Diagnosis for Predictive Maintenance Based on Analysis of Equipment Fluids Through Machine Learning.” The project was presented at the 21st Automation and IT Seminar fostered last year in São Paulo by the Brazilian Association of Metallurgy, Materials and Minerals (ABM).   

Radix engineers have developed a solution to increase the efficiency of fluids analysis in Caterpillar machines that are maintained by Sotreq - the largest CAT dealer in Brazil. The solution utilizes Machine Learning to automate the classification and to generate new samples diagnosis text. The system results were very successful and showed sensitivity and metrics precision above 88%.

The paper was written by Rafael Miranda, Álvaro Lemos, Rafael Ladeira and Eduardo Suski, Radix Engineers. According to Suski, who also presented the paper during the seminar, the group who wrote the paper was composed of engineers from the Belo Horizonte office.

 “Since we had fruitful results while implementing this solution at Sotreq, we thought it would be a good idea to publish an article about the results. In addition, Radix is currently focused on leveraging data science and engineering,” says Suski - Radix Project Manger

The ABM Automation and IT 2018 Awards ceremony took place on the last day of the ABM Week 2018, October 4th, at “Centro de Eventos Pro Magno” in São Paulo, Brazil.