Radix Forms Strategic Partnership with Global Chemical Company to Improve Customer’s Operational Performance

The project has started with a pilot version serving several sites in USA. The project will eventually encompass many other production facilities spread all over the globe.

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Radix has partnered with a major chemical company to design, develop, integrate and test software platform that enables the final customer to have better visibility of their operations. The goal is to maximize their productivity through a very responsive support based on digital technologies.

Efficiency is one of the keys to forming a competitive advantage as a business. The technology that is being developed and implemented is designed to create a clear understanding of the client’s operational data in multiple production facilities across North America, and then in other regions of the globe.

As a result, there will be a significant decrease in undertreatment, undeliverable orders and emergency orders, that will enable more efficient demand planning. The initial approach consists of a pilot project containing 12 sites. Future phases will include the rollout of the solution to many other production sites.

“Radix is very enthusiastic with this partnership since it brings our relationship to the next level, demonstrating once again our capability to support customers globally. The pilot phase is truly a very important one and is being designed considering all the scalability needed for the future rollout phases”, says Flávio Guimarães, CEO of Radix in USA.