Radix platinum sponsors OSIsoft PI World

Company hosted a booth and presented three successful cases with the PI System

Radix at osisoft pi world Sales Manager, Marcela Ximendes, Oil and Gas Manager, Leo Vitor Learth, Radix US CEO, Flávio Guimarães, Automation and Controls Engineer, Stéfano Bassan, and Radix CEO, João Chachamovitz at OSIsoft PI World 2018.

Last month, Radix was the platinum sponsor at the OSIsoft PI World. The conference, hosted by OSIsoft, brought together over 2,500 professionals from various industries, from oil and gas, pulp and paper, to transportation, and education.

Radix leverages OSIsoft technology to meet customers’ need for operational intelligence with the infrastructure to collect and store real-time data to support in short and long-term decision making.

Radix had a booth to showcase its portfolio of Industry 4.0 solutions and the convergence between operational technology, information technology, and engineering technology involving the PI Platform, and its applications that include machine learning and AI references across multiple verticals.

The company also presented several projects Radix has executed, illustrating solutions that have impacted client’s businesses.

Radix US Oil and Gas Manager, Leo Vitor Learth, discussed the ongoing project with the University of Massachusetts. The company is implementing an energy control center at the University of Massachusetts and hired two interns from the university to work on the project. Learth also talked about the hiring processes and how the company set up a hackathon to the interns to prepare them for the project by generating dashboards based on a scenario.

Radix Controls and Automation Engineer, presented on “Improving Operation Report with OSIsoft PI System”, where he discussed how Radix solution enables for an increase in real-time productivity information and cyber-security to facilitate for short and long-term decision making for ONS, an Independent System Operator.

Finally, Tarik Siqueira, Radix Engineer, presented on process optimization through waste reduction in chemical injections and other process systems. Siqueira discussed the decrease in risk to health, while increasing economic and environmental performance.

The annual conference sponsored discussions among the PI System users community through training labs, hackathon, and presentations.