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Radix US CEO address Industry 4.0 topics during interview

US CEO, Flávio Guimarães, interviewed by the ARC Advisory Group

Guimaraes interview at arc

Last month, Radix US CEO Flavio Guimarães was interviewed by the ARC Advisory Group on the technologies behind Industry 4.0, the next wave of industry's convergence between physical and digital systems. The CEO discussed what benefits these new technologies provide and how companies can leverage these tools to drive their strategy.

When asked about the business value behind Industry 4.0, the US CEO described how the clarity that comes with the ability to quickly gather and analyze data from their operations enables people to make short- and long-term decisions that can drastically decrease costs while boosting productivity.

Guimarães was also quick to bring up some of the challenges associated with this transition. Some of these challenges stem from a technology-oriented rather than a user-oriented approach, often because management falls for the temptation of implementing what's considered cutting edge at the time rather than implementing what directly answers the needs of their staff. This creates a gap between what information is produced and what information is actionable, which hurts their initiative's ability to achieve strategic outcomes.

When asked how Radix has been helping customers rise to this challenge, the CEO explains, “we have to understand the business and ask the right questions to better show customers how they can obtain the results they are working towards. When you understand the business and tools, you can extract valuable information that can really impact the business,” finalized Guimarães.

Watch the full interview below: