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Industry 4.0 topics to be presented at ARC Industry Forum

Radix sponsors the annual conference focused on the emerging technologies

Radix at arc industry forum

As new technologies emerge and processes are becoming more intelligent and connected, companies are transforming their business model and approach to incorporate these new innovations in the digital frontier. The blurred lines between Operational Technology (OT), Engineering Technology (ET), and Information Technology (IT) in IIoT solutions are increasing the need for a more integrated and collaborative strategy.

During this year’s Annual ARC Industry Forum, the challenges and opportunities from the new digital revolution will be discussed. This year’s theme will be “Digitizing and Securing Industry, Infrastructure, and Cities,” and will take place in Orlando, Florida between February 12th and 15th. For the second consecutive year, Radix is hosting a booth as well as sponsoring the conference.

While we enter the fourth industrial revolution, we’re seeing an unprecedented rate of change in digital transformation. The availability of data from multiple sources opens new avenues for useful application for the digital ecosystem such as Internet of Things and Cloud Computing. The conference will cover how these emerging technologies can provide value for businesses. “This is a great opportunity to understand the emerging digital transformations in the rapidly changing technology. We are looking forward to meeting with decision-making professionals, understanding what they are looking for, and exploring how Radix can address their needs. The ARC Forum is one of the best conferences to be updated on these new industry trends,” said Radix US CEO, Flávio Guimarães.

Radix will participate to discuss the company’s perspective on the new Industrial Revolution - Industry 4.0 -  and how the company has already been executing projects with these new technologies. The conference will gather business leaders from a wide range of industries to discuss the changing market, as there are various perspectives and insights regarding the implementation of these new paradigms. These business leaders and attendees will also discuss how software platforms and machine learning can take on an important role in each company’s strategy.

Learn more about the conference and register your interest here.