Radix and Microsoft present on the vision for the Next Generation of Control Systems

Flemings   presentation   radix

Last month, Radix US CEO, Flávio Guimarães, along with Randall Hoppe, Industry Director of Oil and Gas at Microsoft, presented on their vision regarding the Next Generation of Control Systems, based on Open Architecture Technologies. Mr. Guimarães and Mr. Hoppe mentioned we are at the start of the 4th industrial revolution. Therefore, how do we take advantage of the emerging technologies as they mature in the next few years?

As the new technology is emerging, changes need to be adapted to fit into the new world we are embracing. As more and more companies are noticing the need for cloud computing and machine learning, industry leaders are taking part in discussions on how software can be used to reduce the costs of capital expenditures, and more importantly provide a seamless transition to an optimized operations environment. Radix is one of the companies actively taking part in those discussion, “we are working with Radix because they are a leader in the industry. They are a very forward-thinking company,” said Randall Hoppe.

The increasing costs related to replacement and life cycle management of current control systems are bringing operators, led by ExxonMobil, to push the Automation solution providers to change the current industry paradigm. A new concept of Automation solutions should consider levers such as interoperability, scalability, cybersecurity and open standards, reducing the gap between OT and IT worlds.

The presentation was during the Improving Performance of Capital Project Conference hosted by Fleming, which was held in Houston, Texas, between May 23rd-24th.