Radix takes place at Engineering Workshop at University of Houston

Radix US CEO was invited to present engineering career prospects

Uh engineering panel

This week, Radix US CEO Flávio Guimarães was invited to participate in the University of Houston Engineering Workshop Panel. The panel addressed different careers paths, day to day activities as a professional engineer, market trends, the current economy, and how to proactively compete in the industry.

Guimarães mentions the 4th industrial revolution is shaping the industry and therefore it is important to stay up to date on the emerging technologies the Industry 4.0 is bringing.

As more companies are noticing the need for cloud computing and machine learning, software is becoming more relevant in order to reduce operating costs and optimize production. Thus, the CEO believes that having a strong software background can help students differentiate themselves when looking for an internship or full time.

Guimarães also mentioned that passion for the work and career is important “Having a passion for work may not always mean that you are only asked to do what you love, but rather seeing the opportunity in everything that comes your way. You may be asked to do a task that may not seem exciting or in line with your chosen career path, but it’s important always have the mindset that you can always learn new things that can eventually give you an advantage later on”, said the CEO.

The panel took place on October 3rd in the University of Houston. The panel was attended by grad and undergrad students from various engineering backgrounds.