Metals and mining leaders meet at the annual Canadian Institute of Mining Convention

Radix hosted a booth to showcase solutions for the 4th Industrial Revolution

Cim 2017 convention Radix Team at CIM 2017

The Canadian Institute of Mining (CIM) held its annual convention in Montreal last week with the theme "New State of Mine", which aims to examine the mining industry from different perspecitives while empasizing innovation.

Metals and mining is one of the company's core business groups, and industry that is currently experiencing a revolution in which vehicles, equipment, and people are all connected and sharind data. Radix hosted a booth to showcase to attendees on Sotreq Link, A!Prox, and other asset management and operational intelligence solutions that Radix has developed to help its customers take full advantage of the 4th Industrial Revolution.

The mining industry is currently under increasing pressure to balance production with safety, resource management, and cost. In response, Radix has developed the technologies and expertise needed to help our customers within this industry meet these challenges.

In addition to automation, operational intelligence, software development, traditional engineering, and a myriad of other services, Radix has developed the X!Mes system. This modular toolkit for operations management helps customers plan, coordinate, and execute projects across their entire production chain.